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Disconnected, is a series of interactive webcam video chats of different types of online relationships. Abby and Carmen are sisters. Abby engages in a long distance relationship with a European man, while Carmen attempts online dating with various men. The two sisters console each other through their endeavors.


Only one side of the conversation is revealed at a time and viewers can interact by switching back and forth between the two webcam perspectives. The themes explore miscommunication, deception and false impressions in online discourse. The series also explores the connection between space and time between relationships and the loss of meaning in online communication.


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Let the videos load. Press 'Start' to begin playback. Click on the smaller video at the bottom right to swtich perspectives of the video. Continue to click the small video at anytime to switch videos to hear the other side of the conversation. For more information click on the Instructional Video.


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