Lost Cause reveals the perspectives of three characters who live in an apartment complex. Each of the three characters have a relationship with Chloe, a young woman. Colin her husband, attempts to fix their rocky relationship. Arie, the apartment maintenance man, reveals their secret past. Tina her mother, lives on the second floor and investigates why her daughter is growing distant. The three of them try hard to reach out to her, but in the end who can win her back?


The interactive movie allows viewers to navigate between the perspectives of the three main characters. The film lasts 15 minutes and contains three parallel storylines which play simultaneously. One large screen displays the main video while three thumbnail screens function as buttons and display each of the three character's point of view. Each characters perspective is subjective and different from another character's perspective creating ambiguity in the story. As viewers interact, they piece together narrative fragments of these three characters to build their own interpretation of the story. Different choices will present varied sequences creating new interpretations of the story. By the end of the film the viewer's previous selections will determine which of the three conclusions will be played.


(Requires flash player)

To begin select by clicking on one of the three perspectives. Choose one character to follow at anytime, by rolling the mouse over one of the three smaller screens. The selected screen will display a larger version of the video with corresponding sound. Click anywhere to pause & Click anywhere to resume play. All events occur simultaneously, as time constantly moves forward. One of three endings will automatically be selected based on previous interactions.




Lost Cause is a thesis project and has been published as ACM conference proceedings and in the International Digital Media and Arts Association journal.